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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

e2 staff conducts specialized training session

On Saturday, October 25, electronic evolutions held a training session for the company’s technicians and engineers. At the session, led by e2 Director of Technical Services Greg Hurst, staff learned about products and services offered by audio systems leader Biamp. With the economy slowing and more businesses steering towards telecommuting and decreased business travel, audio-conferencing systems have become extremely popular and are featured in nearly all of e2’s major projects. The training gave the technical staff a chance to get a better understanding for one of the technology industry’s most in-demand products and how to best integrate it.

During the meeting, e2 staff discussed their knowledge of current Biamp products, reviewed marketing literature to familiarize themselves with the product line, and even watched instructional videos to help provide basic information. Engineers Bill Scroggins and Roger Ray, both CTS certified, presented important topics: Scroggins offered a tutorial on connecting to an audio system and creating a new framework, while Ray demonstrated how to use Biamp’s daVinci software, a graphic control system that allows e2 to customize an easy-to-use audio interface for its clients.

The training session, which was the second of its kind held at e2 headquarters, also uncovered some previously unknown skill sets among the technical staff. “We found that we have several people who are already very knowledgeable and audio mixing and the related areas,” said Hurst. “We are committed to making a difference. We’re going to do our best to bring out everyone’s maximum potential, and I think [through this training] we’re on the right track to accomplish that.”

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